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Farewell is not easy

By: Dirección General y Grupo de Comunicación y Marketing
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After many years of learning, consecration, triumphs, and achievements, the time to retire comes but also the opportunity to celebrate and render thanks to the efforts made.

For the National Banking System, the retirement of the partner and President of BICSA, José L. Alari Martínez constitutes an opportune moment to remember and exalt his merits for more than four decades of preparation, overcoming and excellent work results.

Since his incorporation to the National Bank of Cuba (1978-1997) and then his path by Banco de Crédito y Comercio (1997-2009), Banco Popular de Ahorro (2009-2013) and Banco Internacional de Comercio S.A. (2013-present) he has excelled in the areas of Financing and Control of Investments, International Operations of Commercial Banking, Organization and Methods of Management Teams, Administration, Short-term Bank Credit in Cuba, International Finance, Collections and Payments of the National Economy, as well as the Cost and Banking Management, Audit, Commercial Banking of the Foreign Bank of Spain and scientific events of the sector.

Throughout his banking experience he has served as Head of Protection and Security; CEO, human Resources; Economic Analyzer; Provincial Principal Accountant; Director of Audit; General Auditor; Vice President and President from 2009 up to date.

For those who know him very well, these merits translate into a vocation to give his best, his demand, the improvement, excellence and discipline.

Guided by his great capacity and willingness to teach and support his teammates, he has always maintained his human values, his chivalry, his sense of duty, fulfillment and unconditionally towards what he believes and defends, our country.

Reach to Mr. Alari, our most fraternal recognition and the desire for a new stage of success in your life.

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